Thomas Tessmer

Thomas Tessmer

Thomas Tessmer entered the market research industry in 1997 and started specializing in the application of research techniques to the retail environment in 1999 when he joined Procter & Gamble. He has designed, executed, and presented shopper insight solutions to a variety of retailers across channels and worked with clients ranging from Buyers to Senior Executives.

Thomas received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

While working as a Consumer and Market Knowledge Manager at P&G, Thomas has worked across almost all P&G’s core categories with particular focus on the Health and Beauty/Pharmacy business. His technical experience spans dozens of techniques and ranges from moderating in-depth qualitative sessions to designing and analyzing internet-based surveys to refining segmentation modeling that helps retailers define their high potential shopper.

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Phone: 479-799-6616 Via Email linkedin for executive recruiter