Brand Trial and Loyalty Building Plans

Creating brand trial and loyalty building plans that payout your investment

We start from the premise that successful brand equity and shopper marketing plans are profitable. That means the trial and loyalty impacts of the plans lead to increased purchase of your brands. Our focus is on the synergy between achieving brand goals (winning with the consumer) and retailer goals (winning with the shopper) at the same time. We create models that enable us to calculate the profitability of marketing oriented investments.

As a Brand Manager at P&G, Charlie learned the business principles needed to profitably grow brands. As a sales team leader calling on Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, he learned the business principles needed to profitably grow sales. He can help you put those principles to work so you can profitably grow your brand equity and brand sales.

For retailers, he can help you craft and implement a shopper based positioning platform and action plan. This starts with an understanding of who your shopper is, what is important to that shopper and what differentiates you from your competition. From there he can help you identify which elements of the product mix (categories, brands, items) and other shopping factors are key to your positioning. Then he’ll help implement the plan that works with your supplier base to create further differentiation and profitability for you.

Our consulting program is flexible. We will work alongside your people as we customize our approach to meet your specific needs, from strategic thinking to plan implementation and results tracking. Our services include creating or co-creating business plans with you, helping you sell business plans internally to senior management, managing key aspects of the plan, or simply coaching from the sidelines. Our goal is to help you achieve success!

For more information on how an industry insider can take an objective outside look at your needs to help you achieve your goals please contact Charlie.