Developing Multifunctional Business Plans

Developing multifunctional business plans that grow sales profitably in the Wal-Mart/Mass/Value channel

We can help small or new to the channel companies get started with retailers in the Wal-Mart / Mass / Value Channel, help an established company take their business in the Channel to the next level, and help a technology service company grow with CPG suppliers or retail clients. We understand the strategic thinking, data based analysis, category management, multifunctional partnership and customer relationship components involved in growing your business.

With 15 years of sales and classical marketing experience, working for and with Fortune 500 companies like P&G and Wal-Mart, Charlie Collins’ knows how to help your company build and execute plans for profitable brand growth at retail.

We build plans that answer questions like:

  • How do you improve your sales fundamentals (gaining distribution, getting more displays, etc)?
  • What plan elements work at Wal-Mart and which don’t?
  • What is the best way to grow your business profitably?
  • How can you get the customer excited about your new initiatives and your brands?
  • How can you use Retail Link and data based decision making to get a “yes” to your proposals?
  • How can you test, measure and expand your way to success while managing business risk for you and the customer?
  • How do your goals and the customer’s goals come together for a win-win?
  • How can category management, customer marketing, etc. help you grow profitably?