Although our flexible approach to search is tailored to each client’s needs, typically, this is the sequence of events:

Definition of Requirements:

  • A principal of our firm will visit with the client in order to meet with key associates of the executive being sought.
  • We define the timetable, required skill set, cultural fit, and experience required.
  • Our mission is to see through the client’s eyes the experience and personal qualities desired.


  • Your search is based on starting from ground zero.
  • Through research we find the right sources and candidates.
  • Even though we have an established database built over the last 25+ years, we believe a research-based search uncovers and brings to the table the best candidates from expected and unexpected sources.


  • Possible candidates are pre-screened by telephone and the most promising are met personally to gain a thorough understanding of their business, technical and personal qualifications.

Client presentation:

  • After screening for talent, stretch, and overall fit, we secure interest of the top candidates.
  • Written findings are presented to and discussed with the client.

Referencing & Predictive Index Testing:

  • We then conduct detailed references on the final one or two candidates while the top candidate undergoes testing and/or meets face to face with a Psychologist for evaluation.

Client interviewing:

  • We plan and facilitate all interviews between the client and candidates.
  • Candidates either move forward in the process or are rejected and courteously transitioned out of the process.

Securing acceptance to our offer:

  • We assist you with a closing strategy.
  • We help formulate the compensation package, which we extend to secure the top choice.

Follow up:

  • We maintain contact with you, our partner, and the secured candidate to assure a successful long term fit.